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Announcing the Brand-New NFT Marketplace Tronic That Aims to Create a Customer-Centric NFT Market

Without a doubt, the community is the lifeblood of any NFT project out there. The developers, creators, and collectors create a sustainable relationship that benefits everyone. The brand-new NFT marketplace known as Tronic aims to push this ideal outcome to the world by being the most customer-centric company on the planet. The company founders have big plans for the rising NFT platform, aiming to build a whole ecosystem for NFT creators to be able to plan, create, build, market, and sell their NFTs.

Tronic works with internationally acclaimed artists spanning all over the world, delivering unique and artistically interesting collections that avid crypto enthusiasts and first-timers can sink their teeth into. Tronic’s first drops were collaborations with world-class tattoo artist Luke Wessman and internationally acclaimed artist Magdiel Lopez.

The first drop saw the release of Luke Wessman’s first-ever dive into the NFT industry with Panther Phobia. This milestone also marks the first time that Wessman’s artwork will be purchasable in any format other than a tattoo. The NFT fully embodies Luke Wessman’s work, utilizing the power and protection that the panther symbolizes.

“This subject matter as my first NFT felt right as The Panther was one of the first tattoo images I fell in love with. After 25 years of creating art, it also feels right making this my first official art release available to purchase, as for the majority of my career I’ve made it impossible to buy any of my original artwork,” explained Wessman.

The first Tronic drop also features the Qverse NFT by renowned artist Magdiel Lopez. Qverse consists of 20 unique NFTs each done by a different guest artist. Magdiel’s first two drops of the Qverse sold out within hours. 

As an incentive to its loyal community, Tronic will also be releasing its own unique utility token in the form of the Tronic Pass. This unique utility token is going to give access to the creator tools Tronic is building. It is also going to help collectors get early access to drops and invites to IRL and virtual events. 

“We understand that Web3 is a new and exciting world and that the manifestation of this future will take on all shapes and forms. We are looking beyond current trends and empowering all forms of artwork, music, film, science, and keeping our minds open to where technology evolves mankind and mankind evolves technology,” shared the project developers.

The Tronic founders fully believe in the power of creativity and community. The company was built on the foundations of this belief and aims to create a connected future where artists, brands, and creators collaborate to bring meaningful experiences to audiences in new ways.

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