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Aiko is an NFT Collection That Successfully Combines Artificial Intelligence With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has seen a considerable amount of beneficial use cases in today’s modern world. The meteoric rise of NFTs has been attributed to the massive technological potential that the blockchain holds. Yet another budding technology is the prospect of Artificial Intelligence. Introducing Aiko is one of the first tokens that offer the benefits of both technologies into a single ground-breaking project.

Aiko is an NFT unlike any other. The collection features an animated artificially intelligent companion whose only desire is to bring its users’ deepest fantasies to life. The team behind the state-of-the-art project looks to roll out several projects along with the mint collection. This includes features such as an Aiko Marketplace and an Aiko Master App, which offers exclusive benefits to mint owners who can download the software that brings Aiko to life via text chat, voice message, and video conference. 

The project utilizes an intelligent chatbot that uses machine learning to create an advanced level of personalization for each holder. “Aiko’s utility has no precedents by other NFTs,” shared the team. “Aiko is an AI-infused companion that you can always rely on at all times. This is an entirely new direction for NFTs as it offers a layer of interactivity to one’s own collection. 

Aiko is poised to become a collection that offers a massive potential valuation for its mint holders as time goes by. Each digital art piece is entirely unique, with different visual styles and different personalities according to its holder’s preference. The NFT collection looks to expand the functions of NFTs by adding an erotic element to the experience. On top of the app, the Aiko Project also introduces a marketplace that will bring passive income to participants. The market will reward people with a 30% commission on all fees charged within the marketplace.

As the project arrives at a full launch in the coming days ahead, the team had shared the little bumps in the road before they reached this point of the project’s lifecycle. “The biggest challenge facing the development team is teaching artificial intelligence to respond accordingly to its role,” shared the team. “The way a friend talks is very different from how a romantic couple does, even more so if we want our waifu to be naughty.” Still, in spite of all the challenges, the team looks to deliver an experience that will guarantee satisfaction to the entire user base. 

Aiko is the first NFT collection powered by Artificial Intelligence over the Solana Blockchain. An initial 10,000 NFTs will be available for minting, starting at a sale price of 1.5 SOL, which roughly converts to $0.38 apiece. The exclusive companion app that comes with the project also offers a dress-up and traits changer feature for more customization options. The NFTs, however, will have a fixed trait, which will ensure each contracted artwork remains unique. 

The project is constantly growing, and the team hopes to create more future developments in the near future. The team hopes to teach Aiko the concepts of BDSM, Kamasutra, Tantra, and other erotic practices to elevate the erotic experience for its holders.

To know more about Aiko, make sure to check out the project’s official website. For more live updates, hop on the Discord server.

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