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A Universal Pickle of a Project

Tech websites are overflowing with headlines about new crypto projects that make it easier to mint, trade, and stake. But where are the projects that make it easier for new users to connect and earn crypto? If a key barrier to mainstream adoption of crypto is increasing ease of use, as some experts argue, where are the projects that bring crypto to the masses?

Universal Pickle is one of those projects pushing crypto into the mainstream by creating something unique that has yet to surface in the world of crypto. The difference with Universal Pickle is that it combines the digital nature of cryptocurrency with a real-world, physical presence. 

The market is saturated with projects that are promoting a purely digital product. Universal Pickle stands out because it gives the world a Universal Pickle token that has a physical, real-world component. Universal Pickle’s creators, who at this stage of the project are known simply as the Universal Pickle and the Pickle Master, believe the project will start a revolution in the crypto market and inspire a wave of crypto creators to build something better.

At the heart of the Universal Pickle project is a new brand of pickles. The Universal Pickle token will be tied to an actual line of fermented cucumbers — more commonly known as pickles — that will be available to consumers. As a result, joining the Universal Pickle community means you have access to pickles both on the blockchain and in stores.

The clear advantage of Universal Pickle’s approach to crypto is bringing crypto to life for those who continue to be confused by the concept of the blockchain, and the digital assets that utilize it. In many ways, paving the road to mainstream adoption means making crypto more accessible. Accomplishing that means increasing the general public’s awareness of crypto and its uses, providing an easier way to onboard, and assuring people that they will benefit from engagement. To date, the industry has had little success in these areas. Too many people still do not understand crypto or how they can benefit from having it.

The Universal Pickle project will boost awareness by integrating crypto with the food industry. As explained in its white paper, the exclusive Universal Pickle mobile app will empower users to enjoy discounts and other incentives at food chains and hotels. By scanning a code made available by businesses, app users will get rewarded and grow their digital wallets.

“Universal Pickle wants to revolutionize the food industry through its UPL mobile app,” the project’s white paper explains. “Universal Pickle’s mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, similar projects, Universal Pickle introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as using NFTs to get discounts, paying through crypto-token in fast food chains, and more.”

Universal Pickle is also focused on encouraging crypto adoption by offering a wide range of rewards. Buying fast food will not be the only way to gain more tokens. Universal Pickle is also bringing rewards to the digital space by bringing its METAPICKLE NFT to the Sandbox Metaverse, as well as giving gamers the chance to acquire tokens through its Pickle Hunter game.

Beneath the innovative engagement and rewards model, Universal Pickle also provides an ecosystem that will attract more savvy crypto users. It employs a hyper-deflationary model that increases token value by increasing token scarcity, and builds community around the project by incorporating reflection rewards. To prevent whales from influencing token value, Universal Pickle rejects sell/buy and transfer orders of more than three percent of the total supply.

To date, the Universal Pickle project has made impressive progress by growing its community of token holders and attracting key partnerships. During the next quarter, the project will continue its mission by launching new ‘Play-2-Earn’ opportunities, rewarding token holders with a Tesla giveaway, and advancing plans to make its token the first to touch down on the moon. Those looking for an innovative project to invest in may want to explore Universal Pickle before it gets to the moon.

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