Austin Zelan Discovers the Secret to Efficient Investing

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Working in corporate America may be a dream for many, but Austin Zelan never settled for it. Despite having a job, it never made sense to him why he had to punch the clock, show up daily and work as hard as he did to build someone else’s dreams. He had his own dreams, which he knew someday he would need to go out there to build. Despite how scary and impossible they seemed, thoughts like these prompted him to take on investment and trading as a profession.

Austin learned, tried, and failed many times before discovering what worked, what to do, and what not to do. “I was a beginner, and it took a lot of trial and error to discover what worked in the present world and how to gain access to it,” he said. Over time, as he continued to invest and expand his portfolio, Austin Zelan discovered a way to automate his investments with technology. With his investments and trading positions already solid, Austin turned his attention to people looking to break away from the shackles of their corporate jobs and financial insecurity. He launched training and mentorship programs to take them by the hand and conquer the markets. Austin’s major goal for everyone is to make a consistent and profitable income from trading and investing. He then established the Westgate Fund, under which he began to mentor others.

Austin Zelan took it upon himself to provide the necessary tools, educational resources and a success roadmap to his students. “My students and mentees have all they need to succeed – they only have to take action. Students who have gone through my programs have gone on to do great things on their own. I believe I am helping people make a change for the better in their lives. They are now able to live the lives they deserve because they have achieved financial freedom,” Austin said.

Freedom is the most important concept Austin is passionate about. He got on this path through his quest for freedom, and he has spent a considerable chunk of his time helping others get on a similar path. Westgate Fund does not only give students education and tools; students who need funding to get started can access funding with the company’s help. They also receive help with investment ideas and proven strategies that Austin Zelan personally uses. Austin Zelan has created an open learning center that places relationships above anything else. “Westgate does more than provide education. We also help them obtain funding and plan their investments to scale quickly,” he noted. 

Austin Zelan aims to show the ropes to beginner investors while also attracting expert investors. His goal is to create a melting point for the investment community to grow and thrive together. His proven tools and systems have been extensively tested, and he hopes to share that with the world. High-quality value is a tenet Austin holds dear, and with Westgate Fund, he’s administering that in sizable doses.

Learn more about Austin Zelan on his official Instagram or visit his investment website.

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