Lil Punks, a New NFT Brand by Little Doge NFTs That Pays Investors Hourly to Hold It

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Little Doge NFT is a cryptocurrency. On their website will be a marketplace that will house exclusive drops for NFT lines—the first being LIL PUNKS. 

  • Their underlying token, Little Doge NFT, collects a 2% tax on every transaction. Every hour, this is redistributed to support their NFT holders.
  • Every time an NFT is sold on their marketplace, a portion goes back to their underlying token’s buy-back wallet, allowing the development team to strategically buy back into their own token.

Lil Punks was originally an artistic vision from Shane Sagar, the hired marketing manager for Cryptocurrency, Little Doge NFTs in late July of 2021. Lil Punks is a new NFT line that’s meant for the modern age, the average man. Nothing fancy, no gimmicky 8-bit images—just beautifully crafted depictions of the modern age crypto investor hand-drawn to perfection!Learn more about Little Doge NFT on their website, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.

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