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20-Year-Old Crypto Millionaire Joey Sendz Inspiring Others to Relentlessly Pursue Their Dreams

Since the emergence of the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the industry has given the average person incredible life-changing opportunities, providing a pathway for them to take charge of their lives in new and exciting ways. Joey Sendz is one such individual who became a crypto millionaire big thanks to the emerging blockchain technology. He has now made it his mission to help others succeed and quit the rat race. 

At only 20-year-old, Joey Sendz is one for the history books; his meteoric rise from a door-to-door salesman with $12 in the bank and $20k in debt to a multi-millionaire CEO and founder of an 8-figure business in six months proves that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams and work towards them. 

After dropping out of college, the go-getter moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles on a leap of faith to pursue his dreams. He joined a Door-to-Door sales team to make ends meet but also for the experience. “Sales is the single most important skill if you want to succeed. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how good your product is; if you can’t convince people to get on board, you might as well have nothing,” he says. His attitude toward learning paved the way for his success, and he soon started making thousands in sales per week. 

Soon, he found out about NFTs, and after only two weeks of studying the crypto trend, he quit his sales job and partnered with his old college best friend and current business partner, TheBlondeJon. Together, the dynamic duo conceived the idea of launching their non-fungible token, Junior Punks. At first, everyone thought the two 20-year-olds were crazy, as their dreams were too grand to comprehend. However, forty days after first conceiving the idea for their token, the dynamic duo sold out the NFT project at $3.5M.

No endeavor is successful without outside help, and according to Joey, his business partner’s brother Josh Madrid, AKA Jetsetfly, was instrumental in the project’s launch. “He trained me in the arts of meditation, hypnotic language, and frame control. These were techniques and methods that made me impervious to stage fright, clear-headed in stressful situations, and razor-sharp when speaking to the community,” Joey shared. Pairing all of this new knowledge and training with his door-to-door learned skills of simplifying complicated concepts and communicating with crystal clear wordplay, Joey and TheBlondeJon were golden on AMAs, Twitter Spaces, Event Stages, and anywhere else that they spoke to their community.

At only 20, Joey Senz is proof that attaining massive growth and success is achievable at any age. “The only difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the mindset. I believe that age has nothing to do with your capabilities, and young people can be exceptionally better than more experienced people at anything. However, if you are young and think you can’t go do massive business deals and roll in circles of ultra-wealthy, you have a mental barrier to breakthrough,” he says. 

From being a door-to-door salesman to CEO of an 8-figure business in six months, Joey Sendz has come a long way. Through his relentless passion and unrivaled determination, he has built himself into a powerhouse in the business industry and now inspires others to do the same. He wants to continue inspiring millions in the coming years, teaching them how to break free and achieve massive success. 

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